“I was still an inpatient in hospital and the wheelchair rugby team at the time came in to do a demonstration. From the minute I tried Wheelchair Rugby, I was hooked. It’s brilliant and I’ve made great friends from it.” Ciara Staunton

Wheelchair Rugby is a sport that is designed for quadraplegics, or people with an upper and lower limb impairment. It is open to people of all ages and sex. If you can push a wheelchair then you can play! Specialist Wheelchair Rugby Chairs are used and are tailor built for the specific player and their particular role on court. Each club has a number of spare chairs that interested players can try to see whether or not they are interested in the sport. If you want to learn more and want to get in a chair and bash some people around then come along to local club training  session or contact us for further information.

Everybody has a vital role to play on the court. This is ensured using a classification system based on arm, hand and trunk muscle function. Classes range from 0.5 to 3.5, and a team of four must total 8 points or less during play. With such a classification system in operation, the team can play a variety of different combinations on court. If two 3.5 point players are selected then two 0.5 players must also be played for all four player’s classes to total 8.0. Alternatively, four 2.0 point players may be used to balance speed and agility across the team. In any event, high and low point team members must work together as a team. Higher point players generally do most ball handling, lower point players generally do mostly blocking and look to receive on offensive plays. Different opponents require differing combinations on court !

For more information about playing opportunities and becoming a wheelchair rugby player in Ireland please contact us: