“Started out with the Wheelchair Rugby team as a volunteer helping to carry the gear around and fix chairs and tyres but over time I’ve forged an extraordinary bond with all the crew.” 

The key benefits of Wheelchair Rugby for people with disabilities are assisting self-development, injury rehabilitation and community engagement. Clubs within Ireland are primarily run by players, friends, family but all volunteers and as such often struggle to keep things afloat and find the time to develop and strengthen the club. Perhaps your skills can make running a club just that little bit easier.
Whether you are a mechanic who can mend chairs (if you watch the game you will realise this is a skill which is needed quite frequently!), an accountant who can help with club finances or simply someone who wants to lend a hand, please do get in touch or find your local club. You can give as much, or as little, free time as you wish. Rest-assured we will be truly grateful.